Welcome to the companion website for the fourth edition of Politics: An Introduction to the Modern Democratic State. This site offers resources that complement and expand on the information available in the text.

Use the Chapter Guide to find the following features for each chapter:

  • Chapter Summary
  • Self-Study Questions – short-answer questions to help you test your comprehension of the key issues in each chapter
  • Something to Consider – questions that can be used in tutorials or to deepen analytical thinking
  • Case Studies – unique to the website and designed to help bring concepts in each chapter to life (only included for some chapters)
  • Key Terms – brief definitions of key terms discussed in each chapter
  • Resources – includes references from each chapter, further reading, and other resources (videos, web links, podcasts, etc.)

The Current Events section profiles important political events that have developed since the textbook was published and allows you to apply key concepts from the book to current issues in the news.

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